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Welcome to The Letters Page!

In this podcast, creators Christopher Badell and Adam Rebottaro talk for an hour or two each episode about a hero, villain, event, or something else entirely from the wide world of Sentinel Comics. They also answer your questions!

Episodes post weekly on Tuesday mornings at 9 AM, Central Time. We also post Thursday Editor's Notes monthly!

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Jun 18, 2019

We take your questions. We give you answers. You know the deal. Or do you?

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:11:01

At the start of the show, we talk a bit of shop about possibilities for new formats of episodes. At the time of recording, the votes weren't in yet for next month's episodes, but there are now! So:

Upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, July 2nd: Episode #115 - Wraith’s Rogue Gallery
  • Tuesday, July 9th: Episode #116 - Creative Process: Shear Force
  • Tuesday, July 16th: Editor’s Note #32
  • Tuesday, July 23th: Episode #117 - First Ever Writer's Room!
  • Tuesday, July 30th: A week off due to Gen Con!

Then, at around the 12 minute mark, we get to your questions! We cover such exciting topics as:

  • OblivAeon
  • Time Traveling Characters
  • Myriad
  • Members of the Prime Wardens
  • Science
  • Baron Blade's Theoretical Dilemma
  • And much much more!

Thanks as always to Trevor, our Patreon supporters, Sentinels fans everywhere, and listeners like YOU!

Jun 11, 2019

Remember, even this new team can't spell "Slaughterhouse" without the words "laughter". And also the word "louse", incidentally.

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:06:46

We start off with some birthday talk, then some eyeball talk, like you do.

Then, we actually do an overview just after the 5 minute mark! Don't worry, it's a VERY short overview. Then, we get right on to your questions at around 8 minutes in.

Your questions cover the line-up of the team, including original members like Glamour, Re-Volt, Desert Eagle, and Ray Manta, and new teammates such as Hippo and Kismet!

As always, thanks to all of our listeners, especially those of you on the Letters Page Patreon! Join us this Thursday at 10 AM, Central, for a live recording of this month's Editor's Note!

Jun 4, 2019

Let's talk more about these powerful heroes!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:10:07

This show is a follow-up to our longest episode ever! So, consider that required listening for what we're talking about here.

Adam's eye is ruined and he'll never see again, or something like that. I might be exaggerating here.

About 6 minutes into the episode, we go to questions, which are organized by character (after the first couple more general questions). We cover Dr. Medico, Mainstay, The Idealist, and Writhe, in that order.

Thanks to our (unwitting) sponsor, TheWyrmSuperior! Of course, so many thanks to Trevor for the great editing and producing and making this podcast possible, and also infinite thanks to all of you delightful listeners! We very much appreciate your support. If you're interested in supporting The Letters Page, check out our Patreon!

May 28, 2019

Let's get MAGICAL!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:37:44

Let's answer a lot of questions about the how, what, and why of magic! And more!

As of this posting, the next episode (all about Void Guard) has already been recorded due to this weeks convention, but feel free to send in questions for the other episodes for the month of June!

Also, if you're at UK Games Expo this week, come by the Greater Than Games booth and say hi - Christopher will be there talking about all manner of games, though Adam is holding down the GTG fort in St. Louis and celebrating the tail end of his birth-month.

As always, you can support The Letters Page via our Patreon. Thanks for listening!

May 21, 2019

An Editor's Note all about us being bad at Science!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:24:11

Here's the upcoming schedule!

  • Tuesday, June 4th: Episode #112 - Void Guard Follow-Up
  • Tuesday, June 11th: Episode #113 - The New Slaughterhouse Six
  • Tuesday, June 18th: Editor’s Note #31
  • Tuesday, June 25th: Episode #114 - Create a Thing: LIVE!

After only about 5 minutes of light goofs and scheduling, we get into your questions, which are mostly the very "well actuallies" we asked for. But we do have a secret surprise guest appearance in the second half of this Editor's Note! You'll just have to listen to find out more!

May 14, 2019

This episode is not just about death, it's also about failure! Creative failure!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:15:41

After only a minute or so of goofing around, we actually do a very brief overview section, just to get you all caught up on the when and a bit of the why of this story.

But then! You have asked all the right questions, so we let the questions section handle the bulk of the actual storytelling. That starts at around the 4 minute mark.

Just so you know, the storytelling ends up being highly non-chronological, but we actually really like it that way. Ends up putting stuff in order of weight and importance, rather than publication order.

Thank you all to our listeners and supporters, especially those of you who support us on The Letters Page Patreon! Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, May 12, at 11:00 AM Central time for a livestream of this month's Editor's Note!

May 7, 2019

Stories that NEVER HAPPENED?!!?!?!?!??!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:12:53

We get to your questions right away, before we even hit the 2 minute mark. And we tell SO MANY stories that never were. 

Thank you to all of our listeners, especially our Patreon supporters!

Get your questions for the Death of Anthony Drake (and anything else Prime Wardens related) in now!

Apr 30, 2019

Let's pick up the pace!

Show notes:

Run Time: 1:02:17

We get right into the story with this one, and actually have an Overview segment! It's been a while since we've had one of those.

After telling the story of the Lightspeed limited series, we get to your questions at around the 30 minute mark.

Thank you to all you wonderful folks who support the Letters Page Patreon! We couldn't do this without you.

Catch ya next time!

Apr 23, 2019

We're gonna answer so many questions!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:21:16

We do a lot of goofing around before we get to the schedule, but here's the schedule!

  • Tuesday, May 7th: Episode #109 - Development Hell: cancelled stories
  • Tuesday, May 14th: Episode #110 - The Death (And Return) of Anthony Drake
  • Tuesday, May 21st: Editor’s Note #30
  • Tuesday, May 28th: Episode #111 - Magic in the Multiverse

And here's what our calendar looks like:

You may note that the recording for Editor's Note #30 is happening on Wednesday the 15th instead of the following Friday. Adam is out of town the rest of that week, so we have to do the recording earlier than usual. Our Patreon supporters can watch/join in live!

Finally, we get to your questions starting around 11 minutes in.

We talk about such exciting things as:

  • The OblivAeon Event (it's back!)
  • Myriad
  • Bugs vs. Insects vs. Other?
  • Shear Force
  • Pool Shark
  • Guise
  • Unity
  • SCRPG Starter Kit
  • Extremeverse Presidents
  • Shirts
  • Upcoming topics

Thanks to all of our listeners and Patreon supporters for making what we do possible!

Until next time, heroes!

Apr 16, 2019

What were these two up to as they transcended time and space?!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:00:32

We're a mess in this one, but it's probably still worth it! We goof around (and also explain why things are extra weird in this episode) for a few minutes before finally getting to explaining the purpose/angle of this episode, and then getting into your questions a bit after the 7 minute mark.

The questions are full of interesting ideas and fascinating queries... to which we have some unsatisfactory answers... but also several cool stories you've never heard before! Overall, we end up giving away and revealing more in this episode than we'd even intended, so, well worth it. The future is yours!

All of the Letters Page Patreon can catch us this Friday at 11 AM, Central as we record Editor's Note #29 live! Patreon supporters at the "Contributor" level can join in on the Discord, so we hope to have as many of you as possible there to chat with us about all manner of things!

Also, we'll have the voting for next month's episodes posted to the Patreon in the next couple hours, so look forward to that!

Finally, thanks to all you delightful listeners for helping us make this possible. See you next time!

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