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Welcome to The Letters Page!

In this podcast, creators Christopher Badell and Adam Rebottaro talk for an hour or two each episode about a hero, villain, event, or something else entirely from the wide world of Sentinel Comics. They also answer your questions!

Episodes post weekly on Tuesday mornings at 9 AM, Central Time. We also post Thursday Editor's Notes monthly!

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May 31, 2018

A birthday Editor's Note for Adam!

Show Notes:

Run Time:1:17:59

Schedule for June!

  • Tuesday, June 5th: Superpower Sources
  • Tuesday, June 12th: Xtreme-Verse!
  • Thursday, June 14th: Extrasode - Story Meets Mechanics
  • Tuesday, June 19th: Young Legacy
  • Tuesday, June 26th: Daybreak
  • Thursday, June 28th: Editor's Note #19

And here's the calendar of when we're recording episodes, and when those episodes will be released!

Topics covered in this Editor's Note:

  • NightMist's Book of Monsters
  • NightMist's House
  • Dark Watch
  • The Harpy
  • Oni
  • Zhu Long
  • Types of Magic
  • Emojis
  • Haka
  • Zhu Long's followers
  • Cultural Appropriation
  • Alternate Realities
  • Disparation Freedom Five
  • Non-Absolute Zero Ryan Frost
  • Outside Time/Space
  • Animal-verse
  • Plant-verse
  • Other Disparation stories
  • Inverse Universe
  • Podcast listening habits
  • Singular entities
  • Magmarian crystals
  • And more!

Thanks for listening!

May 29, 2018

A story of the Dawn!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:47:18

We get deep into a major story from the history of Sentinel Comics

Right off the bat - after only a few minutes of tomfoolery - we kick off this whole event with the story of Freedom Five #595.

Then, we dig into each and every issue of Freedom Five and the also the weekly limited series that are all part of the Sunrise event.

Around an hour and 15 minutes in, we get to your questions.

In a couple days, we'll release an Editor's Note with the upcoming schedule for June!

Got questions for us? Submit them here!

Want to be a part of the Letters Page? You've got options over on our Patreon!

Thank you for listening!

May 22, 2018

A world where the heroes are villains and the villains are heroes! Wacky! But then, these foes don't look so much "wacky" as they do "actually really evil"...

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:40:37

We get right into it, which is good, because we have a lot to cover today!

In the 3rd minute of the podcast, Adam claims that by 1988, the movie The Land Before Time had been released some time ago. Turns out, it was actually released November 18, 1988. So, pretty close!

Then, we get into the Disparation stories set in the Inverse Universe.

Around fifteen minutes in, we introduce the team of ne'er-do-wells pictured above. Villainous!

Just before the 44 minute mark, we start talking about how the Inverted Universe starts talking about how these stories in issues of Disparation change the future of Disparation books!

Then, right after the 47 minute mark, we get into your questions!

In the future section, starting around the 1 hour and 32 minute mark, we talk about not just the future of Disparation, but the future of the Letters Page, as well! This even includes an interesting SPOILER. The Inverted Universe changes so much!

As mentioned at the end of the episode, we're recording the Sunrise episode this Thursday, so get your questions in by then. Additionally, we're recording Editor's Note #18 on Friday morning (which will be a live recording for our Patreon supporters at the Contributor level), and then recording the first episode for June later that day. The topic for that episode is "Superpower Sources".

So, the Sunrise episode will be released next Tuesday, which is May 29th; Editor's Note #18 will be released Thursday, May 31st; and the Superpower Sources episode will be released Tuesday, June 5th.

Get your questions in!

May 15, 2018

We create something without any preparation! Will we make a hero? A villain? An environment? Something else entirely? We don't know yet!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:47:26

We recorded this episode live with the help of our Patreon Contributors! The episode is much better than the live recording, as Trevor has cleaned up the audio and also cut a bunch of dead time when we were just reading the chat and things like that. Still, if you want, you can watch the live video here. Want to be a part of our future live episodes? Check out our Patreon!

After some explanation and laying of ground rules, we start our collaborative brainstorming about 4 minutes in.

Around the 22 minute mark, we finally figure out what it is that we're talking about, and begin crafting the mythos of that story.

We dig into questions from both the submission form and the Discord chat starting a bit after 56 minutes in.

The future segment begins at around an hour and 34 minutes.

At the end, I mistakenly say that we're recording both the Inverse Universe episode AND the Sunrise Story Arc episode on Friday of this week. Nope! Just the Inverse Universe episode. However, next week, we'll be recording Sunrise, Editor's Note #18, AND the first episode for June. What's that first episode? We don't know yet, but the voting for what episodes we'll do next month will be up on our Patreon today, so keep an eye there!

Thanks for listening!

May 8, 2018

Delving back into Disparation stories!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:15:06

Who are these people? Where do they come from? What is their story? Listen on to find out!

After a few minutes of goofs and introductions, we get into the actual content of Disparation, Vol. 1, Issue 24!

Just before the 38 minute mark, we get to your questions!

This Friday, we'll be recording our "Behind the Scenes" episode, which will release next Tuesday. But for those of you on our Patreon, you'll get the video of the experience by the end of day Friday! And if you're a Contributor-level supporter of the Patreon, you'll get to watch and participate LIVE!

May 3, 2018

"Il Alimento" Episode #192

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:18:30

Our fourth annual Pasta episode. Chef Adam and Chef Christopher discuss pasta sauces, vegetables in pasta, and address the gnocchi controversy. They also answer questions from Il Alimento subscribers, and even read a few celebrity chef letters.

Eat well, my friends.

“Under The Sun of Italy” by Rossano Gentili
Various Spanish Guitar Riffs by SoundSeq Studio
Bouzouki Music by Hamza Zeytinoglu
“Christopher & Adam Reading Letters To You” composed and performed by Anthony Badell

May 1, 2018

We're back to the very beginning! Revisiting the Legacy story from our very first episode.

(This art is the pencils Adam did in 2010 for Legacy which were then scanned in and inked and colored to make Legacy's first character card art! Adam will probably hate that I used this art, but it's good to see your roots.)

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:28:45

We start off by talking about the weirdness that is this coming Thursday's Extrasode. 

Then, just before 6 minutes in, we finally get into the history of Sentinel Comics portion of the episode that takes up the bulk of the overview.

After all that, around 36 minutes in, we get to your questions!

Right off the bat, 40 minutes in, we get a question about where the heck do Legacy's powers come from. AND WE ANSWER IT. FULLY AND HONESTLY. SURPRISE.

At the hour and 21 minutes mark, we get to the future section.

This was a fun one for us to return to. Thanks for listening!

Apr 26, 2018

Another live-recorded Editor's Note!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:09:14

I'd recommend listening to the podcast over watching the video, as the audio quality is MUCH better, and Trevor does a great job with editing and producing. But here's the video!

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Tuesday, May 1st: Legacy Supplemental
  • Thursday, May 3rd: Food Extrasode
  • Tuesday, May 8th: Disparation: Freedom Five
  • Tuesday, May 15th: Behind the Scenes Storytelling
  • Tuesday, May 22nd: Disparation: Inverted Universe
  • Thursday, May 24nd: Editor's Note #18
  • Tuesday, May 29th: Story-arc: Sunrise

Get your Legacy and Food Extrasode questions in now!

Topics we talk about today:

  • Music
  • Tabletop RPG Classes
  • Progeny
  • The Animated Series
  • Teaching
  • Cultists
  • Unfavorites
  • Sentinels of Freedom video game
  • Paul
  • A bunch o' environments
  • And more!

At the end, we talk about our outtakes post, which we posted to the Patreon yesterday! Go check it out. Marvel at our mistakes!

You're all great!

Apr 24, 2018

A whole book of creepy crawlies and the evil that lurks in the darkness!

(No, not the book in that picture. A different book.)

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:46:28

Lots of fun stories and mythology in this one!

We start off with where this book shows up in the history of Sentinel Comics.

Pretty quickly, we get to your questions! Just after 6 minutes in, we're already going into the Questions segment, and we use that to guide the stories from the Diamond Book of Monsters.

And then, A bit after the 10 minute mark, we're in on our first long-form story of this episode. Buckle-up!

After wrapping that up, we dive into another long story, starting a bit before the 28 minute mark. Zoom!

Then, we get into more question and answer type stuff, but we do reveal a lot more mythology of the dark corners of the Multiverse!

There is even a future segment in this episode! Starting around an hour and 36 minutes in, we discuss the future of the Diamond Book of Monsters.

We're recording an Episode AND an Extrasode this coming Friday! Get your questions in now for the Supplemental Legacy episode and the Food podcast Extrasode by the end of day Thursday, April 26th!

Thank you as always to all of our listeners and supporters!

Apr 17, 2018

Let's get animated!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 2:29:40

There is a lot of stuff in this episode! The first season of the SCAU (Sentinel Comics Animated Universe) is made up of 26 episodes and a movie, and we get into ALL of that!

We talk about the episodes for over an hour, going pretty in-depth on many of them.

At around an hour and 28 minutes, we start in on the movie.

Then, at the one hour and 51 minute mark, we get to your questions.

Also! A future section, about two hours and 21 minutes in!

Voting on topics for May is up now on the Patreon! Vote and help decide what happens next on The Letters Page!

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